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Years of Experience

We have been in the industry since 1994 and by being here for so long, we are now looked upon as a icon of quality and trust in the eyes of our clients. The love we receive from our clients is not because of our long years of establishment but because we keep a tab over each process and business activity that we perform at our company. Following are some more reasons that make us a company worth-associating:

  • We always remain aware of the prevailing market trends and ensure to make our marketing strategies, accordingly.
  • We possess in-depth industrial knowledge and have years of market experience.
  • Our experience also helps us predict and understand our customers' future needs.

Warehousing Facility

With our capacious warehouse established in the capital city of Maharashtra (India) - Mumbai, we are able to store our sourced goods in an organized manner. Our warehousing personnel, first categorize our MS Square Bar, EN8 MS Round Bar, etc. and then keep them into installed racks and cabinets, accordingly so that these can be easily retrieved at the time of delivery. Apart from racks and cabinets, our warehousing facility is also equipped with latest material handling equipment to reduce the work injury and improve the storage process. Besides, our installed CCTV Camera and desktops help us to carry out stock maintenance tasks effectively.

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