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EN Series Bright Bar
EN Series Bright Bars are industrial-grade round bars, available in various sizes and typically silver in color. Commonly made from grade EN 1A steel, these bars are vital components in industrial machinery, automotive parts, and manufacturing equipment, offering excellent machinability, durability, and reliability for diverse industrial applications.

Alloy Steel Bright Bar
Alloy Steel Bright Bars are industrial-grade round bars available in various sizes, often silver in color due to polishing. These bars are crucial in industrial applications for their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, serving in machinery, construction, automotive, and other sectors requiring robust materials for high-performance components.
MS Bright Bar
MS Bright Bars are round bars made from mild steel, commonly polished to a silver finish for industrial use. Available in various sizes, they serve as versatile components in machinery, construction, and manufacturing, offering strength, machinability, and weldability for fabricating diverse industrial components and structures.
EN1A Hex Bars
EN1A Hex Bars are industrial-grade hexagonal bars made from EN1A steel, often polished to a silver finish. Available in different sizes, they are widely used in industrial applications for fabricating fasteners, fittings, and components requiring strength, machinability, and resistance to wear and tear in diverse manufacturing processes.
Wps Tool Steel
WPS Tool Steel refers to industrial-grade tool steel bars available in various sizes, typically silver in color, and shaped as round or square. Widely utilized in industrial applications, especially in manufacturing cutting tools, molds, dies, and components subjected to high wear and stress, ensuring precision machining and long-term performance.

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